My name’s Tom. I’m an assistant editor for a charity in London, which among other things publishes quite a lot of stuff. Like almost all jobs, mine is sometimes dull and sometimes frustrating – but I get to play around with words, which I enjoy. I said in my job interview six years ago that I wanted “to get my hands dirty with copy”. And so I do.

The point of this blog is to be somewhere I can wash my hands of particularly odious abuses of language, whether they’re ones I’ve seen at work or in wider reading. Hopefully it won’t just be a barrage of sneering and ranting, but you know the old saying: if you can’t think of anything nice to say, start a blog. With luck, along the way I’ll manage to think of some nice, constructive and possibly even interesting and amusing things to say. No promises, though.

Except for this one: I will definitely produce some typos and grammatical howlers and ugly, dreary clichés. I am not as sharp as I think I am, and so another aim is to change that. Whether it’s by destroying my self-esteem or by improving my ability, we’ll see.

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