Grammar clerihews

Limericks and haiku get all the glory, but the clerihew is a fine art form that deserves to be played with more widely:

Restrictive ‘which’
Can make my eyebrows twitch
But I don’t really think it’s a howler
Unlike Messrs Garner and Fowler

The passive voice
Is deemed a poor choice
But you’d better not shun it
If you don’t know whodunnit

Lynne Truss
Wants to teach us
That the best response to an error
Is to launch a campaign of terror

The Economist Style Guide
Says “Infinitives can divide
But don’t do it or else you’ll get us
A bag of angry letters”

Lindley Murray
Made people worry
How their words would make them look
If they didn’t buy his book

Add your own in the comments, if you’re in the mood…

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