Archive of Wellcome’s Mosaic science articles

A story from 2017, by Neil Steinberg. Photo by Dave Imms, headline by me.

My favourite thing that I’ve ever worked on is Mosaic, the Wellcome Trust’s online magazine of longform stories about science and health. It ran from 2014 to 2019, which feels now like the blink of an eye – but, at a whopping 43 Trusses, was a pretty respectable lifespan for an online publication.

The writing was great, the topics were fascinating, the artwork was fabulous, the headline meetings were a hoot, and the awards were just frequent enough to keep us gratified but not cocky. I copyedited maybe 60% of the pieces, and I loved it. (I still suspect that the word “longform” is longform for “long”, but hell, those stories earned their length.)

And, now that Wellcome is (in February 2023) taking down the Mosaic website, I decided to organise an unofficial mausoleum of the magazine that I’d helped to midwife, as the articles now exist on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. No doubt a lot of the content is dated, but hey, posterity and all that.

Below is listed not quite everything. I’ve left out some of the smaller supporting pieces that weren’t much more than a list of links; sadly, some of the fancier content like infographics and videos hasn’t transferred to WayBack, and in some cases it’s already disappeared. I’ve included film links where there were transcripts.

I think I’ve got all the main written stories, although inattention or any lapses in Mosaic’s tagging system may have let one or two slip through the cracks. Let me known if you spot any errors – the best way to reach me is on Twitter: @SnoozeInBrief.

Disclaimer: this list is entirely a personal, unofficial effort, independent of Wellcome. Feel free to save the list or reproduce any or all of it elsewhere.

Looking over this list now, I think these stories amount to an absolutely fucking spectacular body of work, and I’m proud to have played a small part in applying the spit and polish.


Oct-Dec 2019

How to save a country from snakebite By Yao-Hua Law

One billion people worldwide stop breathing while they sleep. Are you one of them? By Neil Steinberg

Universities shouldn’t just treat mental illness – they should help prevent it too By Anna Lewis

Men and women aren’t equal when it comes to concussion By David Robson

This is why children’s TV is so weird – and so mesmerising By Linda Geddes

Women are hit harder by climate change. Here, they are starting to fight back By Jessica Wapner

Why do holes horrify me? By Chrissie Giles

Can science break its plastic addiction? By Alice Bell

Scientists, here’s how to use less plastic By Laura Mulvey

Urban living makes us miserable. This city is trying to change that By Fleur Macdonald

If a medicine is too expensive, should a hospital make its own? By Chris Stokel-Walker

Jul-Sep 2019

Why is it so hard to stop people dying from snakebite? By Léa Surugue

How do you leave a warning that lasts as long as nuclear waste? By Helen Gordon

How Zimbabwe’s Friendship Bench is going global By Anna Lewis

How can doctors find better ways to talk – and listen – to patients close to death? By Michael Erard

The heart-stopping reality of cardiac arrest By Charlotte Huff

The opioid epidemic you haven’t heard about By Laura Salm-Reifferscheidt

Can vapes save the world from smoking? By Simon Usborne

What do we really know about vaping? By Simon Usborne

Apr-Jun 2019

How France is persuading its citizens to get vaccinated By Alex Whiting

How to survive in the world’s largest refugee camp By Gaia Vince

The man who is ageing too fast By Erika Hayasaki

How Rwanda could be the first country to wipe out cervical cancer By Sophie Cousins

How an Aboriginal approach to mental health is helping farmers deal with drought By Georgina Kenyon

How going hungry affects children for their whole lives By Chris Baraniuk

Jan-Mar 2019

This drug can stop mothers bleeding to death in childbirth – so why can’t more women get it? By Samira Shackle

This is what it’s like waking up during surgery By David Robson

How can doctors tell if you wake up during surgery? By David Robson

Mosaic is five and here are four ways we’ve made a difference By Chrissie Giles

From teens in Iceland to Planet Youth: What happened after our story on Iceland? By Emma Young

Giving breath to the issue: What happened after our stories on dysphagia? By Bryn Nelson

“Let’s not feel shame”: What happened after our story on postpartum psychosis? By Caitlin Law

The machines that save lives: Continuing the spread of safer surgery in Mongolia By Jane Feinmann

Studying an emerging sign language won’t kill it – so what are linguists scared of? By Michael Erard

The Briefing: Who decides how a young language grows? By Caitlin Allen

Strep A bacteria kill half a million a year. Why don’t we have a vaccine? By Emily Sohn

3D printing could give you a better pill to swallow By Holly Cave

Gene therapies only work for some people – so how do we fix this? By Jovana Drinjakovic

Oct-Dec 2018

Why are so many people getting a meat allergy? By Maryn McKenna

The unexpected effects of the HIV prevention pill By Bryn Nelson

Testing times: four emerging STIs that you can’t afford to ignore By Bryn Nelson

PrEP: Why I’m part of the trial for the HIV prevention pill By Hannah Tendler

The Briefing: HIV prevention – could PrEP replace condoms? By Caitlin Law

Nobody wants to talk about catheters. Our silence could prove fatal By Jane Feinmann

The Briefing: Everything you’ll ever need to know about catheters By Caitlin Law

Fake drugs: the global industry putting your life at risk By Srinath Perur

The Briefing: Substandard medicines and antibiotic resistance By Caitlin Law

How a wooden bench in Zimbabwe is starting a revolution in mental health By Alex Riley

As a therapist, how should I grieve after a patient’s suicide? By Lucy Maddox

How big data is changing science By Tom Chivers

The Briefing: Big data in science By Caitlin Law

Jul-Sep 2018

The DNA detectives hunting the causes of cancer By Kat Arney

Searching for a diagnosis: how scientists are untangling the mystery of developmental disorders By Linda Geddes

The Briefing: Rare diseases, genomics, and PURA syndrome support By Caitlin Law

You won’t believe these three unexpected discoveries – and neither did the scientists who made them By Gaia Vince

The hidden epidemic of compulsive hair pulling By Sara Talpos

Why I pull out my hair By Chrissie Giles

How can you treat someone who doesn’t accept they are ill? By Carrie Arnold

The Briefing: Ethics, law and consent when you don’t believe you’re ill By Hannah Tendler

Spain leads the world in organ donation. What’s stopping other countries catching up? By Chris Baraniuk

Violent crime is like infectious disease – and we know how to stop it spreading By Samira Shackle

The Briefing: Violent crime as an epidemic and the public health approach to violence prevention By Hannah Tendler

When you have a serious hereditary disease, who has a right to know? By Shaun Raviv

The Briefing: Doctor–patient confidentiality, hereditary disease, ethics and law By Hannah Tendler

Apr-Jun 2018

When organ donation meets religion By Chris Baraniuk

How far would you go to be able to smile? By Neil Steinberg

How many types of smile are there? By Neil Steinberg

The only emotions I can feel are anger and fear By Emma Young

Searching for Ebola’s hideout By Leigh Cowart

Wherever you are, time is running out for treating gonorrhoea By Sophie Cousins

Penicillin’s first patient By Mike Barrett

Sick building syndrome: is it the buildings or the people who need treatment? By Shayla Love

What can we learn when a clinical trial is stopped? By David Dobbs

Why good people turn bad online By Gaia Vince

Jan-Mar 2018

How to survive climate change: a lesson from Hurricane Maria By Jane Palmer

Why we mustn’t forget the effects of climate change on mental health By Jane Palmer

How close are we to a cure for Huntington’s? By Peter Forbes

This disease kills half the people it infects. So why isn’t more being done? By Carrie Arnold

Cancer I could deal with. Losing my breast I could not By Joanna Moorhead

Staying awake: the surprisingly effective way to treat depression By Linda Geddes

Oct-Dec 2017

This is why a third of antidepressants are prescribed for something else By Leah Shaffer

Who’s in control when you’re giving birth? By Rebecca Grant

How to save the rainforest: build a health centre By Yao-Hua Law

If we can beat Ebola, why not sleeping sickness too? By Michael Regnier

Why we still don’t understand sleep, and why it matters By Henry Nicholls

Why narcolepsy is about more than just sleep By Chrissie Giles

My sudden synaesthesia: how I went blind and started hearing colours By Vanessa Potter

The man who can taste sounds By Chrissie Giles

Jul-Sep 2017

Something in the water: life after mercury poisoning By Joshua Sokol

Abortion, contraception, pregnancy: how women’s bodies became a battlezone By Sophie Cousins

Skin lightening: the dangerous obsession that’s worth billions By Mary-Rose Abraham

The sex workers who are stopping HIV By Jules Montague

How a community joined the hunt for an HIV vaccine By Rob Reddick

How to get to a world without suicide By Simon Usborne

The uncertain future of genetic testing By Carrie Arnold

We need to change the way we think about genetic variation By Nazneen Rahman

Postpartum psychosis: “I’m afraid of how you’ll judge me, as a mother and as a person” By Catherine Carver

Apr-Jun 2017

Meet the dogs with OCD By Shayla Love

Reinventing the toilet By Lina Zeldovich

My many selves: how I learned to live with multiple personalities By Emma Young

How to fall to your death and live to tell the tale By Neil Steinberg

The famous fallen By Neil Steinberg

My déjà vu is so extreme I can’t tell what’s real any more By Pat Long

This is what it’s like to be struck by lightning By Charlotte Huff

How HIV became a matter of international security By Alexandra Ossola

Most care leavers say they survived the system… I survived because of the system By Michael Regnier

Why we need to start listening to insects By Daniel A Gross

How VR could break America’s opioid addiction By Jo Marchant

Climate change is turning dehydration into a deadly epidemic By Jane Palmer

Swipe right to save a life By Andrew Hankinson

A surprisingly good place to die By Andrew North

Jan-Mar 2017

The life-saving treatment that’s being thrown in the trash By Bryn Nelson

Cord blood banking: what you need to know By Bryn Nelson

Umbilical cord blood: a new lifeline after a nuclear disaster? By Bryn Nelson

Terror, shipwreck, guns – 24 hours in a Karachi ambulance By Samira Shackle

Is the dark really making me sad? By Linda Geddes

The surprising link between sunshine and suicide By Linda Geddes

What does it mean to be human? By Gaia Vince

The people who help you die better By Jeremy Laurance

Print your own body parts By Ian Birrell

The little yellow box that’s made thousands of operations safer By Jane Feinmann

Kangaroo care – why keeping baby close is better for everyone By Lena Corner

Virtually painless – how VR is making surgery simpler By Jo Marchant

The baby MRI: shrinking tech to help save newborn lives By Michael Regnier

Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening By Emma Young

How much does it hurt? By John Walsh

Can love really conquer pain? By John Walsh

Oct-Dec 2016

My grandparents survived the Cultural Revolution: have I inherited their trauma? By Shayla Love

“I just want to know how my sons died” – bringing home Bosnia’s dead By Ed Vulliamy

Psychosis in Parkinson’s: now we can treat it without making other symptoms worse By Mary O’Hara

The fight of your life By Lyra McKee

How should you grieve? By Andrea Volpe

The engineer who fixed his own heart By Geoff Watts

The worst sound in the world By John Osborne

Going viral By Mike Ives

The superhero in your vagina By Kendall Powell

Intersex: seeking the beauty in difference By Martha Henriques

My life with hypospadias By Chris Chapman

Jul-Sep 2016

This egg could save your life By Barry J Gibb

Will illegal bushmeat bring the next global outbreak? By Akshat Rathi

Inside Ghana’s biggest bushmeat market By Yepoka Yeebo

Healing the divide By Shaul Adar

The man who gave himself away By Michael Regnier

Messing with our heads By Rhodri Marsden

Maybe he’s born with it: exploring male pattern baldness By Rhodri Marsden

Raising my HIV family By Geta Roman

A serious business: what can comedy do? By Mary O’Hara

Love, hope and leprosy By Ross Velton and Barry J Gibb

Why being bilingual helps keep your brain fit By Gaia Vince

The woman who lost two languages and only got one back By Gaia Vince

Where is language in the brain? By Gaia Vince

Coining new languages By Gaia Vince

The do-nothing dilemma By Charlotte Huff

Cleaning up the herbal healers By Yepoka Yeebo

When cuteness comes of age By Neil Steinberg

Why some robots are created cute By Neil Steinberg

Life as a Lolita girl in the UK By Annelise Andersen

How designers make a toy cute By Barry J Gibb

Why are we still waiting for the male pill? By Andy Extance

The ‘gay cure’ experiments that were written out of scientific history By Robert Colvile

Apr-Jun 2016

How the mafia is causing cancer By Ian Birrell

“I saw things children shouldn’t see” – surviving a troubled childhood By Lucy Maddox

How foster carers can help traumatised children recover By Lucy Maddox

Why are so many of us over-sensitive? By Emma Young

Smartphones won’t make your kids dumb. We think. By Olivia Solon

What the Amish can teach the rest of us about modern medicine By Sara Talpos

Six ways to make a hospital better for Amish patients By Sara Talpos

The women that kill, abuse and torture By Katharine Quarmby

This is what it’s like being a woman who works with violent women By Katharine Quarmby

Should fewer women be behind bars? By Katharine Quarmby

192 days as John Doe By Deborah Halber

How maggots made it back into mainstream medicine By Carrie Arnold

Austin, Indiana: the HIV capital of small-town America By Jessica Wapner

Dead man’s sperm By Jenny Morber

The one-armed robot that will look after me until I die By Geoff Watts

The experimental diet that mimics a rare genetic mutation By Peter Bowes

Australia’s other ‘flying doctors’ By Georgina Kenyon

Jan-Mar 2016

A grown-up approach to treating anorexia By Carrie Arnold

How I manage my eating disorder By Carrie Arnold

Eat to treat By Emma Young

The diet that can cure epilepsy By Emma Young

How aspirin does more than kill pain By Emma Young

Dysphagia: it’s like being waterboarded 24 hours a day By Bryn Nelson

Bean: the dog who couldn’t swallow By Bryn Nelson

Inside a swallowing disorders support group By Bryn Nelson

Welcome to the cyborg fair By Frieda Klotz

Making sense of a miscarriage By Holly Cave

The 96th Street divide: why there’s so much diabetes in Harlem By Meera Senthilingam

The animals that sniff out TB, cancer and landmines By Emma Young

You can train your body into thinking it’s had medicine By Jo Marchant

What’s wrong with Craig Venter? By Roger Highfield

Why the calorie is broken By Cynthia Graber

Suicide of the Ceasefire Babies By Lyra McKee

Psychedelic therapy By Sam Wong

LSD’s medical comeback By Sam Wong

Oct-Dec 2015

Why we are all being let down by the lack of research into menopause By Rose George

Unspoken: the forgotten prisoners of war By Chris Chapman

Fighting malaria with a bamboo whisk By Chris Chapman

The reality that persists for those living with HIV By Patrick Strudwick

Hard labour: the case for testing drugs on pregnant women By Emily Anthes

Which drugs are safe in pregnancy? By Emily Anthes

The end of letter-based labels By Emily Anthes

Can you think yourself into a different person? By Will Storr

Fighting over fatigue By Virginia Gewin

How to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome By Virginia Gewin

India is training ‘quacks’ to do real medicine. This is why By Priyanka Pulla

Andhra Pradesh: the state that dared to train ‘quacks’ in medicine By Priyanka Pulla

How we became the heaviest drinkers in a century By Chrissie Giles

Mind the gap By Chrissie Giles

What is life? By Matthew Francis

The fat city that declared war on obesity By Ian Birrell

Life and death under austerity By Mary O’Hara

Jul-Sep 2015

Give and take: the ethics of donating breast milk By Carrie Arnold

The rise and fall and rise of breast milk banking By Carrie Arnold

Doing disability differently By Lesley Evans Ogden

Flipped worlds By Lesley Evans Ogden

Dark table, cloudy views By Lesley Evans Ogden

Dancing together By Lesley Evans Ogden

Can-do attitude (gallery) By Jemima Hodkinson

Brazil’s cancer curse By Sue Armstrong

Life with Li–Fraumeni syndrome By Sue Armstrong

In the blink of an eye By Bryn Nelson

Laser eye surgery and chronic pain By Bryn Nelson

My left eye By Bryn Nelson

Eye, eye By Bryn Nelson

Light at the end of the scalpel By Alex O’Brien

An Amazon of tumours By Alex O’Brien

Reservoir dogs and furious rabies By Mary-Rose Abraham

Britain’s patient outlaws By Katharine Quarmby

How people take medical cannabis By Katharine Quarmby

Criminalising cannabis By Katharine Quarmby

What do patients think about medical cannabis?

Can America cope with a resurgence of tropical disease? By Carrie Arnold

Coming to America: the story of chikungunya By Carrie Arnold

A brief history of the CDC By Carrie Arnold

Hidden terror of a brain worm By Carrie Arnold

What the nose knows By Emma Young

Sniffing out ovarian cancer By Emma Young

Scents and sensibility By Emma Young

Smelling beyond the nose By Emma Young

Fear and loathing in Thet Kal Pyin: Myanmar’s healthcare crisis By Mike Ives

“I’ve seen a lot of dead bodies”: a night in a Myanmar ambulance By Mike Ives

Sex, drugs and HIV in Myanmar By Jocelyn Timperley

Exploding the nuclear family By Linda Geddes

Surrogate mothers: part of the family? By Linda Geddes

When to say “Your mum isn’t your mum” By Linda Geddes

Growing up as the world’s first test-tube baby By Louise Brown

Is your fear of radiation irrational? By Geoff Watts

Inside the radiation spa By Geoff Watts

Why we still haven’t stopped cholera By Rose George

Researching cholera By Rose George

A 19th-century epidemic By Rose George

Is the UN responsible for bringing cholera to Haiti? By Rose George

Apr-Jun 2015

Blowing in the wind? The mystery of Kawasaki disease By Jeremy Hsu

Facial discrimination By Neil Steinberg

Victor Chukwueke: “I’ve learned to accept who I am” By Neil Steinberg

Jamie Nieto: “Oh man, I’m going to be ugly” By Neil Steinberg

Edward Schrank: “I didn’t grow stronger. I was already like this” By Neil Steinberg

How to make a prosthetic eye By Barry J Gibb

Homesick in the modern world By John Osborne

Nikolin’s story

Nathan’s story

Can gaming help me see in 3D? By Nic Fleming

How to mend a broken heart By Alex O’Brien

Could a dead heart save lives? By Alex O’Brien

Hacking the nervous system By Gaia Vince

Bioelectric dreams By Gaia Vince

A nervy way to lose weight By Gaia Vince

Ups and downs in the nervous system By Gaia Vince

DIY prosthetics: the extreme athlete who built a new knee By Rose Eveleth

The printed prosthesis revolution By Fathima Simjee

Walking on all fours: the world of animal prostheses By Jocelyn Timperley

Designing prostheses By Calum Wiggins

Step-by-step: prosthetic legs through the ages (gallery)

The male suicides: how social perfectionism kills By Will Storr

Samaritans: the art of listening By Barry J Gibb

This is what happens after you die By Moheb Costandi

How nature can mummify a brain By Moheb Costandi

The smell of death By Moheb Costandi

The tell-tale fly By Moheb Costandi

What is a ‘natural’ burial? By Fathima Simjee

The next step in saving the planet: E O Wilson and Sean Carroll in conversation

Ebola: The road to zero By Mark Honigsbaum

The cost of pure water By Shaun Raviv

Why do we have allergies? By Carl Zimmer

Jan-Mar 2015

How a bee sting saved my life: poison as medicine By Christie Wilcox

Centipede pain relief By Christie Wilcox

Medical menagerie: a gallery of venomous creatures By Christie Wilcox

Blocking the high: one man’s quixotic quest to cure addiction By Sujata Gupta

Mother’s Little Helper: A brief history of benzodiazepines By Sujata Gupta

Decisions on a knife-edge By Charlotte Huff

Cutting tubes, cutting risks By Charlotte Huff

Sex, lives and disability By Katharine Quarmby

“I am a woman more than a wheelchair” By Katharine Quarmby

Life skills By Katharine Quarmby

The fetish scene By Katharine Quarmby

Make a new erogenous zone By Barry J Gibb with Mik Scarlet

Ten myths about sex and disability By Barry J Gibb with Mik Scarlet

The troubled history of the foreskin By Jessica Wapner

Circumcising Zimbabwe By Jessica Wapner

Hunting the silent killer By Patrick Strudwick

Is hepatitis C virus sexually transmitted? By Patrick Strudwick

Learn your ABCs By Patrick Strudwick

Lowering the costs of drugs By Patrick Strudwick

People are animals, too By Peter Aldhous

The smartest animal you’ve never heard of By Peter Aldhous

Do you need to go to parent school? By Linda Geddes

A brief history of childcare advice By Linda Geddes

18 ways to help your child learn By Linda Geddes

Science for the people! By Alice Bell

Activism, environmentalism and class By Alice Bell

Hazed by the smog: where does Asia’s air pollution come from? By Mike Ives

Who started the fire? By Mike Ives

Breaking bad news By Chrissie Giles

Death sentences: the language of bad news By Chrissie Giles

Medical drama: role-playing doctor By Chrissie Giles

Death in the Outback By Georgina Kenyon

Understanding health in remote communities By Georgina Kenyon

Oct-Dec 2014

Colour to dye for By Rebecca Guenard

Blond without the bottle By Rebecca Guenard

Down the drain By Rebecca Guenard

Why do we dye? By Jemima Hodkinson

Voices in the dark: an audio story By Chris Chapman

Can deaf people hear voices? By Jemima Hodkinson

Saved: How addicts gained the power to reverse overdoses By Carrie Arnold

Building healthier hospitals By Lucy Maddox

Better spaces for mental health By Lucy Maddox

Designing for dementia By Lucy Maddox

Happy workplaces By Lucy Maddox

In other words: inside the lives and minds of real-time translators By Geoff Watts

Why a ‘miracle’ drug exists but you can’t have it yet By Andy Extance

Will the Saatchi bill speed-up access to life-saving new drugs? By Andy Extance

The families paving the path to new drugs By Andy Extance

A quick guide to clinical trials for rare diseases By Andy Extance

Inside the green schools revolution By Bryn Nelson

The fray over formaldehyde By Bryn Nelson

The bugs in our buildings By Bryn Nelson

School design through the decades By Bryn Nelson

A plutocratic proposal By Alexander Masters

The man with the golden blood By Penny Bailey

Discovering new blood groups By Penny Bailey

Inside the blood factory By Penny Bailey

A day at the blood reference laboratory By Penny Bailey

Lovely grub: are insects the future of food? By Emily Anthes

Six-legged snacks By Emily Anthes

Farming insects By Emily Anthes

Boosting wild insect populations By Emily Anthes

Insects in the City: Can cities save our bees? By Barry J Gibb

Jul-Sep 2014

Can India’s urban future be a healthy one? By Michael Regnier

Life and health in Delhi’s slums By Michael Regnier

Three generations of migration and health By Michael Regnier

Nagamani’s story By Michael Regnier

One virus, four lives: the reality of being HIV positive By Patrick Strudwick

Ask the expert: HIV and the brain By Patrick Strudwick

Ask the expert: HIV and health By Patrick Strudwick

Ask the expert: HIV and everyday life By Patrick Strudwick

Secrets of the strong-minded By Emma Young

Stronger body, stronger mind By Emma Young

Could this drug make you mentally stronger? By Emma Young

Chocolate meditation and mindfulness in schools By Emma Young

South Africa’s obesity crisis: the shape of things to come? By Ian Birrell

Surviving through science: life with cystic fibrosis By Penny Sarchet

“Duty feels like a strong word” By Penny Sarchet

Double jeopardy: a mother and child with CF By Penny Sarchet

Going viral for gene therapy By Penny Sarchet

A lifetime with CF (gallery) By Penny Sarchet

The man who grew eyes By Moheb Costandi

DIY diagnosis: how an extreme athlete uncovered her genetic flaw By Ed Yong

How the zebra got its stripes, with Alan Turing By Kat Arney

When biology and maths collide By Kat Arney

Eye on the fly By Kat Arney

Until: Who wants to live for ever? By Barry J Gibb

The poetry of science film making By Barry J Gibb

Smart and smarter drugs By Marek Kohn

In conversation with… Harold Varmus By Alok Jha

Why do we have blood types? By Carl Zimmer

The mirror man By Srinath Perur

Mar-Jun 2014

Can meditation really slow ageing? By Jo Marchant

The Pain Detective By Barry J Gibb

Feel the burn By Barry J Gibb

Porklife: building a better pig By Sujata Gupta

If a pig had a better personality… By Sujata Gupta

Getting piggy with it By Sujata Gupta

Humanely raised pork? By Sujata Gupta

Brazil’s billion-dollar gym experiment By Catherine de Lange

World Cup fever By Catherine de Lange

How much physical activity do you really need? By Catherine de Lange

Study of a lifetime By Catherine de Lange

Can you supercharge your brain? By Emma Young

Brain stimulation and me By Emma Young

Low-tech pain relief By Emma Young

In conversation with… Françoise Barré-Sinoussi By Patrick Strudwick

HIV research hopes By Patrick Strudwick

Arrested development By Virginia Hughes

Blackness ever blackening: my lifetime of depression By Jenny Diski

Words used to diagnose depression don’t reflect reality By Peter Kinderman

Drawing depression By Martin Rowson

The big sleep By Frank Swain

The hibernation switch By Frank Swain

The sleeping snail By Frank Swain

Medicine’s dirty secret By Bryn Nelson

Six ways to transplant poo By Bryn Nelson

Desperate love in a time of cholera By Bryn Nelson

The mind readers By Roger Highfield

Proof of life By Roger Highfield

A measure of consciousness By Roger Highfield

Near-death experience By Roger Highfield

Hungary’s cold war with polio By Penny Bailey

Made for the marathon? By Hayley Birch

Marathon: ask the experts By Hayley Birch

Running for science By Hayley Birch

Top ten tips for a first marathon By Hayley Birch

In conversation with… Jane Goodall By Henry Nicholls

How malaria defeats our drugs

The mosquito breeder By Ed Yong

Killer dust By Nic Fleming

How menstrual taboos are putting lives at risk By Rose George

Better protected By Rose George

City cycling: health versus hazard By Lesley Evans Ogden

Flipping over lids By Lesley Evans Ogden

Transport tribalism By Lesley Evans Ogden

The future of sex? By Emily Anthes

Female condoms: meet the ancestors By Emily Anthes

A condom for anal sex? By Emily Anthes

abNormal: the science of being different By Barry J Gibb

In conversation with… Steven Pinker By Oliver Burkeman

The Alzheimer’s enigma By Michael Regnier

Investigating the Alzheimer’s enigma By Michael Regnier

Loose threads By Michael Regnier

Last Chance Saloon part 1 By Barry J Gibb (film hosted on Barry’s Vimeo page, with links to subsequent parts)

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